Do the wheels have any „flex“?

Every material flexes. Even real steering wheels do have flex.
The MZW wheels made of steel have no noticable flex.
The carbon fiber MZW wheels have minimal flex, when twisted. During normal use, there is no noticable flex with both materials.

Steel or carbon?

The carbon fiber MZW wheels weigh apoproximately half of the steel MZW wheels, but they have minimal flex when twisted. If you are using a DD wheelbase with a high force setting you won’t feel a difference, if you like carbon fiber, go for it, this high-tech material looks and feels great.

How are the grips/handles made?

The grips are printed with a PLA printer.
The grips get wraped with a microfiber/alcantara fabric to achieve a good grip feeling and look.

i don’t like microfiber/alcantara grips, what can i do?

The chaepest way to alter the grips is wrapping them with grip tape by yourself.
The more expensive way is to go to a professional saddler to let them be wraped with leather.

Are the mzw wheels „Plug’n’Play“?

Yes, they are 100% Plug’n’Play and there are no modifications on the podium/clubsport hubs needed.

do you have installation instructions?

You can find the instructions on the respective hub pages.
I will also release an installation video in the near future.

do you offer sticker sets to customize the mzw wheels?

We can wrap steel wheels with carbon vinyl

Or you buy a professinal sticker at: -> other brands -> MZW Wheels

i like brand badges/logo, where do i get them?

You can get original logo’s at the local car dealers, or you have a look on ebay oder amazon.
I will provide some links to recommended stickers in the near future.

I have huge hands, any recommendation?

Yes. In this case the MZW Wheels for the Clubsport Hub, are recommended. They have more space for the thumb.

Will there be mzw wheels for other brands like logitech or thrustmaster?

No, this currently not planned.

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